Construction Journal Entry Week of 5/15/22

5/16-20/22 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

I had a doctor's appointment in the morning and then on the way to the mountains I stopped for groceries in Gold Bar. When I got to the Lake Wenatchee Ranger station, I drove in and took some pictures of the new structure they built there.

I arrived at Camp Serendipity at 3:45. I brought my gear up in two trips, moved in, and then had my planned lunch for dinner.

On Tuesday I practiced the piano and then listened to the radio for a while. Then I went to work building a new model of a hypercube and taking video shots of the work. After lunch and a nap, I worked on my solar tracker mechanism, but didn't make much progress.

On Wednesday morning it was 35 degrees when I got up and it was raining. After practicing the piano, I finished making the video I had started. Then I listened to the radio while I did a bunch of paperwork filing putting away a random assortment of paper that had accumulated on the dining room table.

After lunch and a nap, I called Earl and we had a short conversation. He was busy working on his flight simulator. After that I went outside and checked the salt lick. It had slid down the tree so I tied it back up and oriented it so that it would be less likely to fall. Then I went to check on Paul and decided that the irrigation drip was too fast. It was running rather than dripping so I turned the valve to shut it down to a drip hoping that would increase the pressure at Brian enough to keep the bucket full over there. I went to have a look at Runty but since I wasn't armed, I didn't risk going deeper into the woods. Instead I turned around and checked out the woodshed. I saw that I still need to bring a chainsaw in there to be able to work on raising the structure. Back at the cabin I switched the fan in the crawl space to summer mode.

On Thursday when I got up it was 31 degrees and cloudy. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then started working on the log wall/drywall interface in the bedroom. After lunch and a nap, I went back to work on the wall seam. I got the top half of the seam ready for mud.

I went outside and discovered that the mirror had been dislodged somehow. It hadn't broken or fallen to the ground, but it was off its mount and hanging. It was either a very strong wind or a deer or a bear had pushed up against it. I put it back in place and aimed it at Brian.

Next, I went up to Brian to see if the bucket was full, and it was not. There was a little more water in it this time--about four gallons--so I brought that up to Andrew. Then I used duct tape to tape up a few leaks in the hose hoping that would increase the flow at Brian to keep the bucket full.

On Friday it was 30 degrees outside when I got up. I practiced the piano and then Dave called. We had a great conversation. Then I vacuumed the first floor. I left for home at 12:45 feeling pretty good about what I had gotten done during the week.

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