Construction Journal Entry Week of 8/20/23

8/21-25/23 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

On Monday the air was smoky, so I put a respirator on when I stopped at Deception Falls for a walk and left it on until I got into the cabin. It was not smoky inside.

I arrived at noon and made two trips to the cabin with my gear, using the wheelbarrow for one of them. I hoisted the flag, had my lunch and a nap, and then put my gear away.

On Tuesday there was less smoke when I got up. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then worked on preparing pantry boards for installation.

After lunch and a nap, the air outside was clear. I walked to the Troll Tower trying to get cell service, but I failed. Something was wrong with my phone.

Back in the cabin I worked some more on shaping pantry boards. My method was to tape carbon paper to the back of the board and then wiggle it into place between the studs and the shower stall. It wouldn't go into place right away because of the bumps in the fiberglass but the carbon paper made marks on the board showing where it needed to be chiseled away. So, I spent dozens of iterations testing the board, removing it, chiseling away wood wherever there was a black mark, replacing the carbon paper and repeating the process. I took a picture of a typical chiseled board.

Even though the air was clear, helicopters with buckets of water were flying pretty much all day. I'm not exactly sure where the fire or fires were.

On Wednesday I walked to the school bus turn-around and again there was no phone service. On the way I noticed some thistles, so I dug them up. Then I went in for breakfast.

After practicing the piano, Ellen called with an update on a metal grid she had found on the street. She had taken a picture of it and that was what I was trying to retrieve with my cell phone to no avail.

Before I had my lunch and a nap, I made good progress on shaping and installing pantry boards. Ellen had suggested that if I restarted my phone in a cell service area it might fix the problem. So, after my lunch and a nap I walked back to the school bus turn-around and restarted my phone but still got no service. Back in the cabin I made more progress on the pantry.

On Thursday there was some smoke when I got up. I practiced the piano and then Dave called. We had a great, long conversation. Next, I filled and loaded into the truck 13 water jugs. That required seven trips up and down the hill and stairs, which was good exercise.

Then I went into the woods and checked most of the trees. They all were doing well except that Brian 's bucket had been upset and was empty. So, I didn't bring any water up to Andrew . Then I did some more work on the pantry before I had my lunch and a nap. I spent the rest of the afternoon working on the pantry.

On Friday morning the air outside was smoky again. I practiced the piano, listened to the radio, and then brought my bag of tools down to the truck.

Dean Leroy was out for a walk and hailed me from the road. I invited him into the cabin so he could see it for the first time. He came in the cabin with a lot of questions and compliments. I showed him the scale model and showed him the pictures that I took using the model against the natural background. Then he asked about the heaters that I use, and I recommended the Stiebel Eltron heaters. He told me he intends to look into them. I also gave him a souvenir Camp Serendipity mug and one of my business cards so he could find my website and YouTube channel. Then he left with his dog.

I had an early lunch so that I could make an appointment in the afternoon. I left for home at noon after another fun eventful week.

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