Elysian Fields, Part 5 of 6

Here is the hoary marmot in the center of the picture.

We got back to our camp with plenty of daylight left to cook our dinner. The only problem was that the stove didn't work. Even though we hadn't used the stove for three years, Paul had neglected to try the stove before we left. Some of the rubber seals must have deteriorated because there was a small fuel leak at the valve. This caught on fire and burned itself out after the valve was shut off. The stove was useless and since we had no other way to boil water, we made a dinner of left over peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches, gorp, granola bars, and granola. Neither of us was very hungry so we both felt we had plenty to eat for dinner. In the morning we had to do without hot coffee which we both missed.

Our campsite as seen the next morning from the tree where we hung our food bag for the night. Those are the Yellowstone Cliffs on the right.

The weather was perfect both days. There was not a breath of wind in the morning as you can see here from the reflection of the Yellowstone Cliffs.

Another shot of our campsite.

Ellen at the lake looking for frogs with our conquered objective in the background. There were dozens of little frogs all over the place.

Ellen getting ready to take an excursion up the ridge toward Tyee Peak.

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