Windy Gap -
Our First Attempt on Elysian Fields, Part 1 of 5

Eileen, Victor, Paul, and Ellen in the Ipsut Creek Campground parking lot looking forward to attempting to hike into Elysian Fields via Windy Gap in Mount Rainier National Park, August 23, 2002.

Ellen and Eileen sizing up the lower crossing of the Carbon River. If we could make this crossing, it would save us a couple miles by skipping the big suspension bridge upstream. Paul couldn't remember if he was told this lower crossing was "doable but dangerous" or "safe but scary".

The consensus was that it was "doable but dangerous".

But we all made it across safely anyway.

A snack on the other side before heading up the steep switchbacks leading to Yellowstone Cliffs.

Ellen, Eileen, and Victor at the base of the Yellowstone Cliffs.

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