Construction Journal Entry Week of 4/25/21

4/26-30/21 I went up to Camp Serendipity for five days: Monday through Friday.

I had a doctor's appointment downtown in the morning, so I had lunch at home and arrived at Camp Serendipity at 2:30. I drove the truck all the way up to the legal landing in front of the stairs and unloaded an unusually big load of gear and supplies. Then I backed the truck back to the hairpin turn and parked there.

After hoisting the flag and having my nap, I made and installed the bullnose and baseboard to the left of the tub in the bathroom. I took a picture of it.

In the middle of the night, I woke up to the fullest and brightest moon I think I have ever seen. I figured this was the time to look at it through the telescope, so I got the telescope out and looked. The image of the moon nearly filled the eyepiece. I tried to take a picture through the eyepiece, but it was overexposed and only showed a bright white disk. I took some pictures of the moon without the telescope and I looked at the moon through binoculars. After I was satisfied, I went back to bed.

On Tuesday, after practicing the piano, I installed more baseboards in the bathroom and took another picture.

After lunch and a nap, I did a lot of thinking about surveying and how to accomplish it. I came up with what might be a promising approach. Then I made some more parts for the bathroom baseboards.

On Wednesday I practiced the piano and then called Earl. He wanted me to take him to his cabin, but I declined.

I installed some more baseboards in the bathroom behind the toilet. Then I got a start on the bullnose in the utility room.

After lunch and a nap, I set up the irrigation system for the summer. I repurposed the dipping tank I had made for cleaning balusters by cutting the tip off so the tube was open and using the funnel top to accept a drip or stream of water from the hose. I drove a length of rebar into the ground near the sequoia tree, and after having a little trouble pulling it back out, I drove the repurposed dipping tank into the hole. Then I inserted the stub end of a short hose into the funnel and turned the water on. I increased the flow beyond a drip so that there was a steady little stream going into the funnel.

Next, I took a 5-gallon bucket of water up to Andrew. Then I took pictures of all the sequoias to show their progress after 15 years. I also checked on the transplanted cedars and took a picture of the one I had rescued.

On Thursday, after practicing the piano, I started my new approach to surveying. With this approach, I use a small beeping level that I hang from a stretched-out 100-foot tape so that I get a roughly level tape from which I hang a plumb bob to measure accurate distances between points that I established. I established the points by driving a nail into a stump or tree and bending it up so that it can hold the end of the tape. Four of the points were out on the road and for those I drove galvanized nails down into the ground through the pavement. They were sturdy enough to hold the end of the tape.

After making a bunch of measurements I went in and had a brunch followed by a nap. Based on my doctor's advice, I am going to change my eating habits and skip breakfast and have a late brunch instead.

When I got up, I did some writing and then went out and did some more surveying. Then I came in and used the data I had collected to begin making a drawing.

On Friday morning I practiced the piano and then heard a knock on the door. It was Robert who had come over to visit. We had a nice chat and I showed him my new chainsaw. He gave me a lot of advice on the saw. After he left, I went down and surveyed two more points on the road.

I had my brunch and then went out and checked on Paul's irrigation set up. I saw that the funnel was accepting the thin stream of water without overflowing. I am a little concerned that the water might just drain away 20 inches underground and the tree won't find it. But I'll leave it the way it is for a while to see how it works.

I left for home at 12:30 happy with the developments for the week.

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